JSI Cabinetry Sale | 50% Off MSRP

JSI Cabinetry 50 percent off sale

Hurry in to American Cabinet and Flooring to save 50% on JSI Cabinetry, now through April 29!

JSI Cabinetry is known for offering quality painted wood in line with the latest cabinetry trends at a fraction of the cost of some high end cabinets, and right now you can save even more! We’re offering you 50% off of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price when you add JSI Cabinets to your home.

Upgrade your kitchen, redo your bathroom, add those new shelves you’ve been wanting in the craft room…you can do it all and save big with American Cabinet and Flooring and JSI Cabinetry.

Plus, you can get your JSI cabinets quickly, with most orders taking just a couple of weeks. Save money and get your cabinets fast! Visit our showroom and let’s get started today.

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A kitchen cabinet remodel is one of the most lucrative upgrades you can make to your home. American Cabinet & Flooring is home to the largest selection of custom and semi-custom cabinets in Denver, Colorado. No matter what your budget is, our talented designers can make your dreams come true. Stop in or give us a call, you won’t be disappointed.

In our Denver Design Center, you’ll find complete custom-created kitchens, as well as display centers showcasing different brands, door styles, woods, colors, paints, and finishes available to create the kitchen look you have dreamed of.

** Sale prices valid March 1 through April 29, 2023. Orders must be submitted by 3 p.m. on April 29 to qualify. See sales associate for details. **

JSI Kitchen Cabinetry
Essex White kitchen with extra-wide farm-style apron sink. Featuring quartz countertops, hardwood floors and premium appliances.
JSI Kitchen Cabinetry
Trenton Beach House: This stunning kitchen includes Trenton cabinetry, quartz and live edge countertops, and hardwood floors.
JSI Kitchen Cabinetry
Essex White kitchen with extra-wide farm-style apron sink. Featuring quartz countertops, hardwood floors and premium appliances.
JSI Kitchen Cabinetry
This L-shape kitchen utilizes JSI’s Essex White cabinetry, name brand appliances, and quartz counters for a clean, sophisticated look.
JSI Kitchen Cabinetry
Warm wood tones provide great texture in this bright white and navy kitchen. This incredible design features JSI’s Essex shaker door.
JSI Kitchen Cabinetry
This L-shape kitchen utilizes JSI’s Essex White cabinetry, name brand appliances, and quartz counters for a clean, sophisticated look.

How To Care for Painted Cabinets

Showplace Green Painted Kitchen Cabinets

So, you got new painted cabinetry and it looks amazing. What needs to be done to keep your cabinets looking great for years to come? Let’s take a look at some cleaning and maintenance you can do to keep your cabinets looking new, as well as a few things you can expect from painted cabinets in your home.

[Photo: Showplace Cabinetry Pendleton SP Doors | Moss Green Paint | Brushed Vintage Finish]

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Shop Small And Support Local Denver Businesses

Shop Small Banner 2022

The Shop Small movement has become a shopping tradition for many. It’s an opportunity to share your support for small businesses with roots in our community. We started as a small 6-person laminate shop in Arvada, and have grow, moved our showroom to Denver, and now employ dozens of hard-working Coloradans, all thanks to the support of our local community. We invite you to support any and all of your favorite local businesses this holiday season. Here’s a few ideas of how you can help:

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How To Clean Quartz Counters

cleaning quartz countertops

Engineered quartz countertops rival stone in their look and performance, but often require far less maintenance. There are some easy steps you can take to clean quartz counters. The are also a few things you need to avoid, like using abrasives or acid/alkaline cleaners like acetone, which can cause damage to your countertops.

Engineered quartz (not to be confused with quartzite) is produced by combining quartz with resins, binding agents, and pigments. Most quartz does not require any sealing in order to resist stains, and the resin binders make quartz countertops nonporous, meaning they are near impervious to mold, mildew, and bacteria.

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Now Hiring Kitchen & Bath Designers

Now Hiring Designers

American Cabinet and Flooring is now hiring designers. We are looking to hire talented kitchen and bath designers to join our team, if you are the right person for the job, send your resume and cover letter to

We are looking for professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, kitchen and bath designers. This position must be able to measure and have knowledge in the kitchen and bath industry; including cabinetry, flooring, and countertops. We believe our designers can set us apart from other companies and your design skills are what will help give our customers the best kitchen and bath experience around. 

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Countertop Remnants (Granite, Marble, Quartz, Quartzite, and Stone)

granite slab stone remnants

Do you need a piece of granite countertop for a smaller project? Granite remnants could be a way for you to get the high-end surface you want, while saving you money. We’ve been serving Denver and the front range since 1999, and we are the countertop experts you can trust. View our online countertop selection and select remnants to see our inventory of countertop remnants and leftover pieces of granite, marble, quartzite, and and other natural stone.

We have one of the biggest selections or countertop slabs in Denver and we have an in-house fabrication facility for cutting and polishing your stone, so you can get your project done faster.

Every bit as beautiful and durable as the original slab, they are perfect for smaller jobs like bathroom vanities, islands, tabletops, serving trays, coffee tables, and more.

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Win The Colorado St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway

St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway Banner

You could win a brand new home in Colorado Springs and support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with the 2022 St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway. We are proud to once again be a trade partner working with Covington Homes, who is building another Dream Home to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We’ll be installing some gorgeous countertops for the home and we’re happy to do it for such a wonderful cause.

St. Jude’s mission is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment where no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay.

Here’s how the giveaway works, they have a limited number of tickets that are sold for $100 each. They draw a winner from all the tickets sold who receives the Colorado Springs home valued at almost $600,000. Every $100 ticket helps ensure families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food.

Covington Homes and all of its trade partners have been working tirelessly building the 2022 St. Jude Dream Home. The home will be completed and given away this summer. Covington Homes’ goal is always to build the Dream Homes at zero cost, meaning that all of the proceeds from the ticket sales of the Dream Home Giveaway go directly to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

St Jude Dream Home Rendering
Artist’s rendering of the 2022 Colorado Springs St. Jude Dream Home.

The 2022 Dream Home is located in beautiful Banning Lewis Ranch, at 9798 Lone Oak Ln. Colorado Springs, CO 80927. They will have an open house in June, so you can see just how nice those countertops look, along with the rest of the house.

Giveaway Date: June 29

The giveaway is scheduled to take place on June 29, 2022, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and you’ll be able to watch the drawing on KKTV 11.

Take a look at the gorgeous Silestone ethereal haze quartz countertops by Cosentino that we put in as one of the trade partners for the 2022 the Colorado Springs St. Jude Dream Home.

2022 St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway Tickets

Win a house. Help save kid’s lives. Want to get your ticket for the 2022 Dream Home giveaway? Follow think link to buy your ticket(s) before they sell out and learn more about all the other prizes up for grabs, including:

  • The 4-bedroom, 4-bath house in Colorado Springs
  • A $10,000 shopping spree at Furniture Row
  • A $10,000 Visa gift card
  • A luxury ski getaway to Aspen Snowmass
  • A five-person spa

Tickets can also be purchased by phone at (800) 379-5217, or you can download a printable mail-in form here.

When you reserve a ticket, you’re helping St. Jude understand, treat and defeat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Your Guide to 6 Kitchen Island Styles

By Sam Ferris

There are plenty of reasons to include an island in your kitchen — extra storage, seating and workspace, for example. But there are also several reasons why you might want to choose one island shape and style over another. This guide to six popular kitchen island styles will help you determine which one is right for you.

1. L-Shaped

This type of island can ebb and flow with the shape of your kitchen or fill in the blank space with more storage and prep space.

Pros. L-shaped islands tend to be large with correspondingly generous storage. Their sprawling design ensures that workspace isn’t crowded, a huge perk for households with avid chefs or more than one cook. You won’t have an issue finding room for bar-style seating. If you aren’t a fan of clean lines, L-shaped islands bring some intrigue to the table.

Cons. While L-shaped islands may be larger and provide more prep space, they aren’t exactly open-concept. They can chop up your kitchen design, which can hamper efficiency during meal prep. The shape may be too spread out for some homeowners, and it doesn’t always maximize storage space since corners tend to decrease accessibility.

2. Galley

With fewer frills and a straightforward design, galley islands are built to be workhorses. They can be a good fit for any type of kitchen layout, assuming that there’s enough space for one.

Pros. Often considered the quintessential island design for open-concept kitchens, galley islands ensure that your space has flow and remains efficient with their streamlined design. They usually maximize storage space because there aren’t any corners or curves. Appliances and stored items are always accessible. The design also favors bar-style seating.

Cons. Yes, galley islands are simple and efficient, but some homeowners may think they’re boring. They certainly won’t wow the eye unless they’re larger than life or have an intricate exterior. Sometimes they’re too small to comfortably fit an appliance, which can create problems with your layout.

3. Circular or Curved

If you’re looking to add personality to your kitchen layout, a circular island may be for you. The design can go full circle or feature a half-moon.

Pros. Circular and curved islands add an interesting visual dynamic to kitchens. They’re a go-to option if you don’t want a run-of-the-mill island design. Like L-shaped islands, they’re packed with prep space. There’s more than enough room to operate during meal prep. Circular designs can incorporate expansive seating areas that leave enough room for four-plus guests to comfortably eat and socialize.

Cons. Prep and storage space aren’t always efficient with circular islands. Your counter is spread out and curved, which can limit the way you cook. Storage units can be harder to access in some designs (they may be underneath a countertop overhang, for instance). Plan on wasted storage space unless your cabinets are customized to include creative options.

4. Furniture-Style

An unconventional choice, furniture islands can make your kitchen feel like your home’s premier hangout spot. Wide-ranging options can include a custom piece designed by a local carpenter and an antique table or chest of drawers.

Pros. It doesn’t matter if it’s custom-built, an age-old heirloom or store-bought — a furniture piece adds character to your kitchen. It’s one way to put your personal touch on your space and make it your own. The detail and decorative nature of the furniture will catch the eye of guests. These pieces usually aren’t bulky and fit seamlessly within your kitchen. Open-style designs can create fine displays for your decor.

Cons. Furniture pieces weren’t always built for storage, so that antique you had to have may not hold much of your cookware. There’s also the issue of durability. Older pieces may not last in the hustle and bustle of a modern kitchen. Wear and tear can take their toll. Furniture tops can’t take a beating the way granite or quartz can.

5. U-Shaped

U-shaped islands may be a chef’s dream. Three walls of cabinetry and appliances are enough to increase the efficiency of any kitchen.

Pros. Both highly functional and spacious, U-shaped islands are perhaps the largest and most accommodating. Extra storage space? Check. More workspace? You got it. Room for seating? There’s even that too. They can house more than one appliance if they’re big enough. You may not have to leave your island when you’re prepping food.

Cons. Their sheer size can also be the U-shaped islands’ biggest downfall. Some homeowners may find cooking and cleaning less efficient and may hate going the distance from one side to the other. These islands are bulky and can close off your kitchen from the rest of your home. The double corners will sacrifice accessible storage space unless they feature a Lazy Susan or swing-out device.

6. Rolling

No room for a built-in island? No problem. Rolling islands are a convenient alternative. You can whisk them around as you roam your kitchen and then tuck them neatly aside when you’re finished cooking.

Pros. Rolling islands are the crème de la crème in versatility. A godsend for smaller kitchens that lack adequate prep space, they can function as a worktop, food tray or a spare surface to place your ingredients. Depending on their size, they’re easy to stow and move. Best of all, they’re extremely affordable compared with cabinetry

Cons. Whipping up meals on wheels isn’t for everyone. Rolling islands are compact, which simply won’t work for some homeowners, even ones who are short on space. They can be a hassle to roll out during meals or to store. Bigger designs may be hard to move for some homeowners. They offer little to no storage.