Quartz Countertops

We offer one of the largest selections of quartz countertops in Denver, CO.

Denver Quartz Countertops

In Denver, there is no better place to find the best options for your quartz countertops than American Cabinet & Flooring, Inc. Our quartz countertops come with a design team ready to help you pick out the color and style to make your kitchen or bath look amazing. Plus we own our own manufacturing facility ensuring you a perfect fit and timely delivery. Best of all quartz countertops are extremely affordable. Call one of our designers today to find out how you can get yours put in today!


Quartz is one of the hardest surfaces found on earth and because of this makes an ideal material for kitchen countertops. It’s surface is non-porous meaning it deflects staining well and comes in a wide array of colors. 


Quartz carries a natural beauty with it which comes from its multi-dimensional gem-like color. Best of all quartz doesn’t need any yearly sealing or polishing.


Because quartz is a man made surface it comes in a wide variety of colors and can be much more consistent than granite. With the large selection of colors to choose from it’s easy to see why quartz is one of the best materials for your countertop project.

Design Your New Kitchen

Get Inspired. Get creative with your space. In just a few minutes, you can design your dream kitchen. In a matter of clicks, choose your kitchen layouts and visualize your countertop, cabinet, flooring, and appliance selections to see the kitchen of your dreams instantly.

Design Your New Bathroom

Design a space your guests will envy. Set your creativity free and design your dream bathroom. It takes just a few clicks of the mouse to quickly customize your new bathroom, from sink and vanity, mirrors, shower, tub, flooring and more. Get ready to soak in the beauty and comfort of your dream bath.