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For granite countertops in the Denver area, there is no better place than American Cabinet & Flooring. Our design team is ready to help you pick out the color and style of your natural stone countertops to make your kitchen, bath, or bar look amazing. Plus we have our own manufacturing facility ensuring you a perfect fit and timely installation. Call one of our designers today and upgrade your countertops.

Natural stone is an elegant choice for any kitchen. It is very easy to clean and will make you proud of your home. We can custom finish the edge of your countertops to match virtually any design you want. We also offer a selection of remnants that are every bit as beautiful and durable as the original full slab, but can be more affordable and be a perfect fit for smaller jobs like bathroom vanities, islands, tabletops, coffee tables, and more.

We stock hundreds of granite slabs and natural stone, giving our customers an almost limitless selection of patterns, grain textures, and colors imported from quarries all over the world. Stop by our showroom to see some samples in person, or browse our live inventory online.


Granite and natural stone can be the perfect upgrade for your next remodel. Get some ideas from photos from some of the brands we carry and get in touch with us so we can design you the perfect space.


There are more than 200 different shades of granite, so you’ll be able to find one that pairs well with your other kitchen elements, including flooring, cabinets, and wall color. You can find a wide array of granite colors including blacks, grays, pinks, oranges, and even white granite among others. With this large selection of colors to choose from it’s easy to see why granite is one of the best materials, you can choose for your kitchen, bathroom, or bar countertop.

Granite is extremely durable, not susceptible to dents or scratches, and it can last for several decades. Granite is also heat-resistant, stain-resistant, and requires very little maintenance. However, for it to withstand everyday use, it must be installed and sealed properly.

Every slab of granite is distinct, with its color shading, patterns, and lines. This variation lets you enjoy a countertop that is truly unique. Plus, we can custom finish the edge of your countertops to match virtually any design you want. Bullnose, ogee, or a square edge? We can make it happen! 


Granite countertops add a touch of elegance to any space. This natural material is exceptionally durable, fits any décor style, and continues to be the most popular choice for countertop selections in kitchens bathroom, bars, and more. The challenge in selecting the right material is that there are so many styles, patterns, and colors to choose from. Choosing the right material and staying under budget can seem like a daunting task, but our designers are happy to help you choose the perfect surface for your kitchen or bath remodel and we always offer free design and estimates. If you want to know more about how to choose the right granite countertops, check our our granite countertop buying guide.  


Periodic resealing is needed to keep it from staining, or from allowing bacteria growth. Edges and corners can chip, which must be professionally repaired. And granite is heavy, so you’ll need to make sure you have durable cabinets to place it on.

Read more about care and maintenance of natural stone in our Natural Stone Countertop Care Guide.


Quartzite is a natural stone that forms deep within the earth. It is not to be confused with quartz, which is an engineered man-made product. Quartzite is a naturally occurring, metamorphic rock formed from Sandstone. It can be very strong, very dense, and very hard. It is often sought after for kitchen countertops because it has a glassy finish and can resemble marble, but has much higher resistance to everyday chemicals. However, they do require more maintenance than quartz.


Marble countertops can be elegant additions to your home, but they may not be for everyone. Marble has endless variations based on where it’s sourced, its impurities, patterns, colors and veining. Which also leads to a wide range of prices and quality.

Marble countertops have a certain richness and character to them. Often the unique veining is what draws people in. Marble is also great for cooking and baking as it remains cool naturally. With regular upkeep, maintenance and sealing, marble countertops will last a long time in your home.

Things you should know about marble:  It is not completely heat resistant. Placing hot pots and pans directly on marble can damage it. Marble will scratch or if exposed to acid for a prolonged period of time and will etch where the polish or sealant fades. 

Marble is a porous surface, meaning it will stain and acidic liquids will stain it permanently. You can avoid staining by sealing marble countertops regularly. Marble is very heavy, so it needs a solid and sturdy base under it.

We’ve been providing the best kitchen and bath experience in the Denver area since 1999. Our talented designers will help you create the living space you’ve always dreamed about, and stay in your budget. Looking for inspiration and ideas for your new kitchen, or your bathroom remodel? Check out some of these photos from brands we carry, such as Corian, Cosentino, Arizona Tile, MSI, Daltile, Ceaserstone, LivingStone, IceStone, LX Hausys, Bedrosians, Aristech, The Stone Collection, Viatera, Cambria, Silestone, Dekton, Sensa, and more.

Contact us at American Cabinet & Flooring, Inc. and let’s put together a plan for your new countertop.

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