Bathroom Workbook: Layer on the Texture for High Bath Style

Article by: Shana Ecker

I once read that the average American spends almost three full years of his or her life in the bathroom. If that’s true, perhaps we should consider making this space a little more worthy of our time. Bathrooms can often be sterile and cold, with slick and shiny surfaces. But just as with any other room in your home, adding texture to your bathroom can make it vibrant and welcoming. With gorgeous natural stones, plumbing fittings with intricate details and textural linens, wall treatments and more, there are endless ways to give your bathroom depth and personality. But beware: If you get inspired by the stylish little spaces below, you may find yourself spending a few more years in the bathroom.

Photo by Bevan Associates – Search bathroom design ideas

1. Wood paneling. This architectural feature adds depth to an otherwise simple room. Try traditional wainscoting or a more modern horizontal application, like the one seen here.

2. Natural stone. Using stone is a surefire way to add texture to your environment. The “movement” and veining of many varieties is simply stunning, and you can use stone for floors, walls or countertops. Plus, stone pairs beautifully with many other materials.

3. Textured stone. Natural stone finished in a chiseled, flamed or combed texture is another option for an inviting wall or floor.

4. Rustic wood. Similar to the textures found naturally in stone, the grain, knots and grooves of wood are exciting design elements. While you may think this material is too rustic for your taste, check out this fabulously chic and modern washroom clad in wood.

5. Eye-catching patterns. This bathroom’s design may seem basic, but notice how the bold wallpaper on even just one wall takes it from blah to “bang!”

6. Linens. From bath towels to robes to rugs, showcasing special linens will make a space even comfier. Don’t you just want to grab one of those fabulous Turkish cotton towels from the pile?

7. Grass cloth wallpaper. Applying this nubby material to the walls is a wonderful way to add warmth to your washroom, and it’s available in hundreds of colors and styles.

Photo by Beauparlant Design inc – More bathroom ideas

8. A little green. Bringing in plants is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add an organic and textural quality to your design. You don’t have to turn your space into a greenhouse — a couple of potted ferns go a long way.

9. Accessories with character. Leave it to designer Thom Filicia to add whimsical touches to a classic white washroom. These rope-clad mirrors give this space its tactile quality.

10. Three-dimensional wall treatments. Even a monochromatic bathroom can have loads of texture. This one has it thanks to a floor-to-ceiling installation of dimensional tile in a geometric pattern.

11. Hardware with interest. While simple polished plumbing fittings may be perfect for some spaces, if you need an extra dose of texture, choose a faucet in a stimulating finish, like this hammered design.