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What Kitchen Cabinets Are Right for You?

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is important to keep it nicely decorated and beautifully appointed with the best finishes. After all, this is where friends and family gather for food, fun, and laughter.

Kitchen cabinetry is the one element that brings all the design features together for this space. It comes in different finishes, colors, and styles. The cabinetry of your kitchen can make or break your kitchen design. A well designed kitchen can become the visual focal point of your home, while a poorly designed one can completely distract from its overall appearance.

When selecting cabinetry, it is important to determine what style you want. More importantly, it is essential to analyze the budget for your kitchen project. Whether you’re doing a complete renovation or giving your kitchen a facelift, having an overall idea for the design concept is essential.

Getting new cabinets is your chance to customize your storage to meet your exact needs! Some of the main factors you’ll want to pay attention to are construction, door style, color, and material.

These factors make up the largest visual impact of the cabinets and also have the largest impact on your wallet. The quality of construction, door and box material, thickness, door style, finish, storage options, accessories, and the number of needed cabinets can greatly affect the price of your cabinetry. Since cabinets are such a large part of any kitchen or bath project, understanding all the nuances is extremely important and we’re here to help you get what you want, and stay within your budget.

Let’s take you through this list questions to ask yourself when buying new cabinets:

  • What style of cabinets should I get?
  • Do I want custom, semi-custom or prefabricated cabinetry?
  • How big is my project and what is my budget?
  • What cabinet material should I choose?
  • What color cabinets do I want?
  • How can my cabinets compliment other design elements in my home?
White Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen décor can come in many different styles. From traditional, modern, or eclectic blends, it is important to determine the look and style you’re trying to achieve. For more of a traditional feel, the cabinetry often has more detailed features.

For example, a traditional style would have raised door panels or possibly a beadboard style, and the colors could range from a cherry wood color to a light tan color. Of course, the type of countertops would also make a difference in the overall style of the kitchen. For kitchens that have a more streamlined look, contemporary cabinetry would be more appropriate.

The features have minimal finishes and simple hardware designs. It gives a clean, sleek look to the kitchen. For this type of cabinetry, it’s best to couple it with contemporary and modern counter materials such as quartz or even limestone.


In selecting cabinetry for your kitchen, determine if you want custom-made cabinetry or a prefabricated set. Making this decision can have an impact on your budget, as customized cabinetry is more expensive than a prefabricated set.

Depending on the type of look you want to achieve, it may be best to go with a combination of the two. Combining customized and prefabricated cabinetry is seamless and would match perfectly. Often, homeowners choose to mix cabinet colors and designs to create visual interest. This combination of cabinetry could be a different style or color.

They can be combined using one type of cabinetry for the upper set and a different type for the lower set of cabinets. Another combination could include one type of cabinetry on the perimeter and a different style or color for the Island. Regardless of the combination, coordinating cabinetry is an excellent choice for creating visual interest.

We offer many different brands of cabinets that range in price, construction materials, and quality. So we promise we will be able to find something that works for you.

Full Custom Cabinets – Custom kitchen cabinets are designed and built according to whatever specifications you need. A homeowner has complete control over the materials used, including the features, size, and type of wood, and finish. Custom cabinets offer a wide range of measurements, which gives you the opportunity to design cabinetry that can fill any space and fit perfectly into oddly shaped corners. Although custom cabinets can be built with similar materials to stock cabinets, they have a longer lead-time.

Semi Custom Cabinets – Do you have an idea of what you want but have some flexibility in the final outcome then semi-custom cabinetry is for you!

Partly stock and partly custom, semi-custom cabinetry allow you to have a lot more options and accessories than just stock cabinets. It’s more affordable than full custom, and can allow for shorter order times. The downside that comes from semi-custom cabinetry is that quality standards range drastically from manufacturer to manufacturer. We recommend planning on a minimum of 6 weeks for delivery from the time of order.

Give us a call to schedule a free design consultation! (303) 996-6026 or visit our Denver showroom.


The size of your project will determine the budget. How many cabinets are you replacing? Are you also going to replace your bathroom cabinets? What kind of storage options do you want to add? These will all affect your total cost.

Another factor to consider for budgeting is the material choice. If you are using customized cabinetry, expect to budget more than you would for prefabricated cabinetry.

You will pay more money initially to install wood cabinets, but if you need to change the look of your kitchen, a simple reface or paint job could save you money in the long run. With other materials, there may be a challenge in painting or refinishing them.

You will also want to factor in labor and installation costs to your budget. It is often best to seek the advice of a professional contractor to get an accurate quote.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets


Material selection is an important factor in your kitchen design. There are a few popular choices when it comes to material selection for your cabinetry. The most popular material used for kitchen cabinetry is hardwood.

Due to the natural variation in colors, each paneling for wood cabinetry can be different. While it is the most expensive of the materials, it is highly durable and lasts for a long period. Hardwood cabinetry is more flexible because you’re able to refinish them or paint them different colors when you want to change the look of your kitchen.

Wood veneer is another material that is used for kitchen cabinetry. This material is made with a thin layer of hardwood that is glued to the pressed particle board. Since it is not a solid hardwood material, the pricing is slightly lower than that of hardwood. It is a stable material and gives a more similar look to hardwood than any other material.

Other material choices could include laminate, thermofoil, or plywood. These material choices are major factors in choosing the right kitchen cabinetry for your design.


The color selection of your kitchen cabinetry is another determining factor in how you select materials for your kitchen project. If the style of your kitchen is more of a traditional style, the color selection could range from a cream color to deeper colors, such as a cherry wood finish.

Color choices could be a factor in the style of the kitchen. If you’re looking for a more sleek and contemporary design, it may be beneficial to go with a more minimalist tone, such as lighter greys or neutral beige colors.

You would also need to determine if you want all of your cabinetry one color or if you’d like to mix and match them. Multiple color cabinetry creates interest in a kitchen. A couple of great examples of this includes having darker-colored cabinetry on the lower set and lighter colors on the upper set. Another combination could include having lighter color cabinetry for your Island and a darker color on the perimeter cabinets.


In any design project, you want all of the materials to coordinate and match to create a beautiful finished product. Your kitchen cabinetry is no different. In determining the style of your kitchen, you want to make sure that your cabinetry fits within the style you’ve selected.

If you want more of a contrast, it is best to pair a dark color cabinet with a lighter countertop or lighter cabinetry with a darker countertop. If you want more of a coordinated look, matching your kitchen cabinetry with your countertops is an excellent choice. For example, pairing a cream color cabinetry set with the same color of granite.

This method is an excellent way to create a more coordinated kitchen look. Coordinating your kitchen cabinetry with your flooring is just as important as coordinating them with your countertops. In contrast, you’re able to couple a darker flooring with lighter cabinetry to create a beautiful kitchen design.

The ultimate goal in designing is to create a beautifully finished product that you and your family can enjoy. Kitchen cabinetry is a great starting point. They can invoke a sense of warmth and comfort as you prepare your meals, gather with family and friends, and enjoy this special space.

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