Laminate Countertops

Our custom cabinets solutions give you the freedom to design exactly what you want.

Denver Full Custom Cabinets

When you get new cabinets in Denver, it isn’t just an opportunity to update your kitchen, it’s also a chance to customize your storage for your exact needs! Of all the different variables that come with cabinets the main factors you want to pay attention to are construction, door style, color, and material of the cabinets. These factors make up the largest visual impact of the cabinets and also have the largest impact on your wallet. Since the cabinets are such a large part of any kitchen or bath project in Denver understanding all the nuances is extremely important and we’re here to help!


Affordable and extremely easy to care for laminate countertops are the most economical choice for your countertop projects. Plus because the colors are man made you can get virtually any color and pattern combination you can imagine.


The benefits of laminate countertops are that the keep their beauty without a lot of maintenance. You only need mild soap and water to clean these surfaces and it resists staining and abrasions very well.


Thanks to the huge selection of colors and patterns laminate countertops allow your countertops to reflect your personal style and can be used with many different edge types. Plus because laminate countertops are so affordable you can change your countertops every few years without too much expense.

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