Style Up Your Bathroom Storage

As any professional stylist will tell you, the key to a beautiful room design is in the details. Sure, the main decorative elements of a space are integral to its design success, but overlook the small stuff and the scheme simply won’t hold together as it should. Everyday toiletries, sponges and towels might not necessarily be things of beauty, but when you find ways to display and curate them, they can polish off a room nicely. So don’t let ugly-yet-must-have bits and bobs let down an otherwise chic scheme — try some of these simple tricks to give your bathroom the wow factor it deserves.

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Find a flexible friend. A tray table can provide useful, versatile storage in a bathroom to keep everyday items close at hand, and is easy to fold up or move when not required. This can work particularly well when guests are staying over, offering them a temporary surface on which to place their own toiletries.

Decant for a chic display. Garish packaging can cheapen the look of a bathroom. Minimize the labels by scouring thrift stores for vintage glass bottles you can decant bubble bath or bath salts into. They’ll be ready for use and keep the room looking pretty at the same time. And why not decorate jam jars to create cute vases to hold a pretty sprig or two to complete the look?

Fake some luxe. Decant everyday items, such as shower gel and shampoo, into high-end glass bottles. Simply buy products with gorgeous packaging as a one-off (or put them on your holiday wish list), and then, when they run out, refill them with cheaper products.

Fill up sweet jars. Make a display out of cotton balls or a collection of soaps by storing them in pretty glass bonbon jars. As well as their looking lovely, you’ll be able to easily see at a glance when anything needs replenishing.

Try out a tin. Retro metal tins can provide useful storage in a bathroom. A design like this red tin is an obvious choice for storing first-aid items, but a selection of vintage cake tins could work equally well stacked up, storing myriad items as well as adding a touch of character.

Choose handy baskets. Rattan woven baskets are a classic bathroom choice, as they cope well with a humid environment. Pastel-colored designs give a modern twist to baskets’ usual dark looks. A handy recess like this could easily store multiple baskets. For a vintage feel, tie a luggage tag around the top of each basket and use some letter stamps to make a note of the contents.


Prettify everyday essentials. Jumbo packs of toilet paper rolls on display can lower the look of a space. Instead, store individual rolls in a basket to keep them looking good.


Play up your towels. Make a feature of your towels by storing them in a glass-fronted cabinet rather than tucking them away. Ditch any dodgy old ones and start fresh with a new set of crisp white ones, or start a collection of mismatched pretty ones, allowing you to easily add to your bath linen collection as funds allow.

Use baskets and bags. We all have toiletry bags for traveling, but with so many pretty designs on the market, they needn’t be used solely for that. Invest in a few designs that are smart enough to keep out on show to store bottles and lotions, keeping items organized yet out of sight. Larger baskets or totes can be hung on hooks to store bigger items, such as washcloths or toilet paper.

Embrace natural style. Whether you’re going for a beachy bathroom look or simply want to soften the aesthetic of a space, embracing some natural elements can pay dividends. Even a simple touch, such as using a sculptural scallop shell to hold a bar of soap, can create a really interesting break in an otherwise neutral scheme.