Get More From a Multipurpose Laundry Room

Article by: Lisa Frederick

I’ve written before about laundry room envy, but laundry rooms that pull double duty as office spaces, potting areas, wrapping stations and more take it to a whole new level.

It makes total sense to squeeze some extra use from your laundry space, as it’s most likely designed for durability and already outfitted with plumbing. And if you’re lucky enough to have counters or an island for folding, they can moonlight as flat surfaces for wrapping gifts, arranging flowers or doing almost any other task you can imagine.

Take a look at how these laundry rooms have expanded their role with grace.

Traditional Laundry Room


Louisville Architects & Designers

Rock Paper Hammer

Mudroom. What could be more efficient than having a washer and dryer in the same room where dirty socks, wet gloves and soiled jackets land? This beautifully integrated space does an admirable job of keeping the laundry pile to a dull roar. Bonus points for that gorgeous sky-blue ceiling, a trick borrowed from the classic front-porch technique.

Traditional Laundry Room


Princeton Architects & Designers

Knight Architects LLC

Linen closet. Tucked into a beach house, this laundry room also houses towels and other gear for days in the sand and surf.

Traditional Laundry Room


Millbrook Architects & Designers

Crisp Architects

Potting room. Take advantage of the plumbing lines in place and install a second sink for watering plants, washing empty containers and rinsing garden tools. 

Traditional Laundry Room


Bethesda Kitchen & Bath Designers

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Office. Do your laundry while you pay bills or answer messages, and you’ll check two tasks off your list at once. The cushioned benches are an extra-nice touch — you could stretch out and read or nap while the washer spins.

Traditional Laundry Room


Virginia Beach General Contractors

Crestline Homes

Wrapping station. It can be tough to find a flat expanse of space large enough to allow for wrapping presents with ease. Laundry rooms lend themselves well to roomy counters for both wrapping and folding.

Traditional Laundry Room


Toronto General Contractors


Breakfast nook. What a wonderful start to the day: a cup of coffee and a muffin or scone in this light-filled space, with the comforting scent of clean laundry in the air. 

Traditional Kitchen


Portland Architects & Designers

Whitten Architects

Pantry. The pass-through layout in this combination laundry room and pantry makes for an especially smart use of space. 

Traditional Laundry Room


Norwich Architects & Designers

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Pet area. This laundry space incorporates a custom dog shower, handy if you have the square footage. But you don’t have to be that fancy. Just add a comfy dog bed, litter box or other designated area for your furry family members. 

Eclectic Laundry Room


Winters Photographers

Dave Adams Photography

All-purpose room. This lovely, cozy laundry space adapts however it’s needed — as a butler’s pantry, potting station and more. It’s so appealing that I’d probably just hang out in there with a book while the laundry was going. 

Get More From a Multipurpose Laundry Room



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