An Angie’s List Guide: Add Value to Your Home

Six Remodeling Tips to Add Value to Your Home

Are you thinking about remodeling or updating your home? Here are a few tips that you can use to add value to your home:

Add a fireplace: Install an energy efficient fireplace to any room to add warmth and coziness. They are not only useful and add functionality to your home, but also create a great decorating space.

Install a bay window: Beautify your space by installing a bay window. There are many ways you can use this feature. Create a place to enjoy breakfast by adding chairs and a side table. Add a bench and comfy pillows to create a great lounging area. Incorporate a bay window near your bed for a more enjoyable place to wake up to. Imagine starting your day with abundant natural light!

Upgrade your kitchen: Give your kitchen a fresh coat of paint, install new countertops, upgrade your plumbing fixtures, replace old appliances with energy efficient ones or change out your backsplash with ceramic tiles. 

Add a deck: Everyone enjoys the outdoors. Add a deck for a quick and easy way to expand your home’s living space. Add a bench and a chair, and you will have a new place to relax and entertain.

Replace your windows: Replacing your dated windows with energy efficient windows is a great investment. Old windows not only let in the cold air but also allow warm air to enter, causing your heating and cooling bills to be higher than needed. Old windows are usually dull and faded, so replacing the windows also freshens up your curb appeal.

Update your entryway: Your entry way is the first place people see when they visit. Update both the inside and out to be more welcoming. Improve your staircase if you have one. Paint the risers, consider new spindles, railings and newels. Freshen the landscaping around your entry by cutting back overgrown bushes. Declutter your walkway if need be and ad some fun planters or flower beds with bright, vibrant flowers. 

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