July 2012 Designer’s Corner

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2012 Color Trends and A Few Fun Color Facts

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Every year, Sherwin-Williams releases its forecast of color trends and what paint colors they think will make their way into homes this year. Here’s a quick description of each color palette in the four earthy color groups (reds, blues, greens and neutrals), as well as a few fun color facts.


Sherwin-Williams says reds will be seen in many shades, specifically flowery tones such as fuchsias, red-oranges, violets and delicate pinks.

Fun Fact: In the world of feng shui, a red front door invites prosperity into the residents.


Celebrating a pair of treasured blues – denim and water – blue is a soothing palette that adds a sense of calmness and serenity to rooms.

Fun Fact: The color blue is the least common color in the foods we eat.


Greens from years past have incorporated a yellow tint. This year focuses on a more eclectic palette, according to Sherwin-Williams, including lush, moody, complex greens that showcase deeper aspects of the sea and forest.

Fun Fact: Night goggles use the color green because the human eye is most sensitive to green and able to discern the most shades of it.


Subtle hues found in raw materials act as inspiration for 2012 colors. Imagine field of grain, a pile of pebbles, weathered wood and earthern clay. The neutral palette is a warm, understated palette made up of soft yellows and browns that won’t overpower a room.

Fun Fact: Dreaming of the color brown means you will be lucky with money.