April 2012 Designer’s Corner

Amber Albrecht”The Future’s So Bright…”

Whether they be painted, laminate, or thermafoil; white kitchens are hot right now and are only gaining in popularity. While woods still possess a very beautiful warm look, white is like a chameleon – it can be anything you want it to be. White can be modern and sleek, or warm and soft; it can be casual or formal. I personally love a basic white kitchen with it’s classic appeal and timeless demeanor. It is the one color, yes I said “color”; that you can never go wrong with because lets face it.. everything goes with white!

Another wonderful thing white can do for a space is to open it up. Gone are the days when a kitchen would be dark and feel like a small cave. In these modern days kitchens are a place where we congregate and entertain. An ideal kitchen would be inviting and functional all at the same time. It is a place where we can both prepare a meal and entertain our friends and family but most importantly, it is a space where memories are made.